About Us Want to Know a little About us? Let us tell you. WHO WE ARE?
About Us

Let us tell you about our Journey

I’m Gerard the CEO, after working my way up the corporate ladder of a couple of Fortune 1000 companies over 20 years and 10 years building two succesfull start up’s I figured it was time to share my extensive and highly succesfull knowledge in sales/marketing and operations. I started BBC Consulting and Revenue Detective in 2014 and built a great team so we can help as many companies as possible increase revenue and profits. 

Revenue Detective was created to help solve a massive issue for organizations. Right now there are thousands of potential customers looking for your services and products, but how do you know who they are and how do you get to them?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could uncover hidden leads and opportunities? Imagine being able to tell what companies are looking for your products and services? Wouldn’t it be really awesome if you could also get a list of contacts, their phone, and email addresses so your sales and marketing teams could engage with real intent data? What if you could get all this data without prospects even coming to your website?

With Revenue Detective you can!

Now your sales and marketing teams can identify and engage with prospects to grow revenue using real-time data intent intelligence tools. Prospects who are searching for your services and products are uncovered using rich sales intent-driven data to help you get more highly targeted leads that are ready to buy. Revenue Detective turns hidden opportunities into real-time highly qualified leads for your sales team to engage and close. Prospects look, we help you uncover them, and your team engages and closes.

Stop losing your leads! Learn more about Revenue Detective and how we can help you today uncover leads on your website right now.