I’m Gerard the CEO, after working my way up the corporate ladder of a couple of Fortune 1000 companies over 20 years and 10 years building two succesfull start up’s I figured it was time to share my extensive and highly succesfull knowledge in sales/marketing and operations. I started BBC Consulting and Revenue Detective in 2014 and built a great team so we can help as many companies as possible increase revenue and profits. 

Revenue Detective was created to help resolve a massive, yet relatively unknown issue for organizations. Your website should be your #1 sales rep, it’s your “Storefront” and it’s where prospects go to learn about you, your company and how you can help them. However, there is a huge issue with your website right now, you spend tons of money, time and resources to drive traffic to your website, but only 2% of your prospects will ever fill out your “Contact Us” form and thats just not acceptable. Revenue Detective uncovers and identifies those companies that dont fill out your “Contact Us” form or ever reach out after visiting your website.

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