How To Get More Leads – 5 Tips To More b2b Leads

Want More Leads?

So you’re looking for more leads? you probably got to this article by way of Google or LinkedIn searching for ways to get more b2b leads. I mean, let’s face it, who doesn’t want more leads and need more leads?

How Do I Get More Leads?

b2b prospecting has changed dramatically over the past 15 years and continues to change at a rapid pace, but there isn’t one simple answer to get more leads (Sorry, it’s not that easy). b2b prospecting is a collection of efforts, you need multiple touches using multiple methods all using consistent pain driven messaging. There is a lot of clutter out there and you need to stand out and be different, to stand out you must think about why you are in business… Why did you start your business or take your position? What pain of the prospect do you solve and how do you solve it better than anyone else? and make sure you back up your claims with your best reviews. Have you ever been in a sales presentation where the salesperson just starts talking about themselves? blah, blah, blah nobody cares about the salesperson….Unless they can help me! Yes, it’s true, but fancy brochures about how many years you have been in business and how many years of combined experience your team has means absolutely nothing unless you can help me. Messaging is the first place to start, create your messaging, then its time to start prospecting! Click here to learn more about how the brain makes a buying decision.

OK, as promised here are 5 tips to get more b2b leads…..

#1 Phone Cold Call

Cold Calling is not dead! Some will argue but for most industries phone cold calling is part of a much larger picture, you have to combine your cold phone call with other touches such as email, Social Media Marketing and SEO/SEM efforts. You may get lucky with a phone cold call by itself, but backed up with the power of value-added content from your other marketing efforts you will start to see your branding and message on your cold calls. One huge mistake that most salespeople make is simply making a couple of calls and giving up! You need at least 10 touches in today’s prospecting world. We find at least 8 phone calls over a period of a month combined with email, social will help get you to your prospect.

#2 Email

Email gets tougher and tougher each year, more spam blockers, and sophisticated tools to keep your email out of your prospects inbox! But don’t despair. Find a good email provider that will let you email from either a purchased or opted in list. We can help guide you if you are struggling with getting your email delivered. The key to emails as you probably have read a hundred times is a solid subject line and then a simple but effective main body, you have to surface the pain that the prospect might be going through, it’s not about you, don’t waste any time talking about you, focus immediately on the pain and how you can help relieve that pain and be sure to have a solid CTA (Call to action). Call to chat with us about getting better results from your email campaign.

#3 Social Media

When it comes to business LinkedIn is the one platform that will get you to your decision-makers quickly and easily. While Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may work, they certainly don’t have a direct impact on b2b leads that LinkedIn has. First, you need to build your audience, then you can send sequenced messages much as you do with emails in a planned out strategy to provide your connections with solid content related to a pain/problem you help resolve. Don’t go in for the kill! I see so many people screw this up, they try to connect and pitch right away, or even worse, they pitch in the invite! Take it slow, build the relationship, and send highly focused messages with content that will help the prospect and provide value. Think of it this way, LinkedIn is like an extension of your phone call, have a conversation, be personal. There are a couple of tools that can make the LinkedIn process a little more efficient and streamlines (See the end of this article).

#4 SEM (search engine marketing)

Find the Right People Who Are Most Likely To Buy

PPC – Pay Per Click is a Google tool that I think everyone knows about or has heard about, its a great tool to drive leads now! but it’s not easy to go it alone, there are a lot of people and companies claim they can set up your AdWords and manage it for you, but buyer beware. Some key things to look for when searching for a PPC Partner.

 1. Look up their reviews – What success have they had? Your spending your hard-earned money and you have every right to make sure you don’t get screwed! Be sure to do your research and look at reviews, don’t get fooled into thinking a large company will look after you after the initial sale (Many, in our experience, will sell you and then put you in a line and you just become a number). Adwords needs personal constant attention to make sure you are getting the right keywords, reaching your target audience while getting the best price for your clicks, it’s easy to blow thousands of dollars away on a poorly set up campaign. Trust me, we did it years ago but learned our lesson to help readers like you.

    2. Set an attainable goal – At first, you want to set a reasonable goal and be sure your provider is on the same page, although Adwords can bring you instant leads, they need to be qualified leads. It only takes a few days to set up your PPC, but it takes a few weeks to optimize it and make sure you are getting the best clicks at the lowest price. Its great being at the top of the page for search, but not if you are paying $20 for a click that’s garbage.

  3. Give it time – We live in an instant gratification society, but you have to let things take their course, gather data, and optimize! Once your campaign/s are set up you need to gather data and click to make sure you have the right keywords, the right audience, and the right messaging. That takes time and clicks, you cant optimize your campaign with 30 clicks, you need a few hundred to get good solid data so you can truly run a successful campaign.

  4. Speak Up – Really get to know your PPC person,  they need to understand everything so be sure to set your expectations very clearly right from the get-go to avoid confusion and disappointment.

#5 SEO (search engine Optimization)

When I talk with clients there are lots of questions about SEO/PPC and SEM. Here’s how I break it down. PPC  is a great way to quickly drive leads. However, it’s like a light switch, you turn on AdWords you start to get clicks (If done right). You turn AdWords off and you stop getting clicks, and here is where SEO truly comes into play. Done right, SEO is a great partner to PPC. Use PPC to get leads quickly while you build your SEO presence, SEO is a long term strategy over 6 months, so start with PPC and eventually, you can scale back your PPC as your SEO efforts start to build. Now SEO doesn’t turn on or off like a light switch, so count on taking at least 6 -9 months for SEO to start to kick in and drive leads, but once you get started SEO doesn’t shut off instantly like AdWords, keep doing your SEO work and you will continue to drive leads. SEO is about relevant content getting to your target audience and a great way for long term lead generation at a fraction of the cost of PPC.

Tools to make getting leads a little easier

  1. LinkedIn – Dux-Soup is an excellent tool to automate some of your tasks for LinkedIn lead gen. It saves hours a day prospecting and messaging.
  2. Email Address finder – Hunter IO is a great tool to find email addresses, Hunter IO searches and scours the internet to deliver email addresses from companies you list. Makes it super easy to create a large email list and quickly.
  3. Email Platforms- If you are struggling to deliver emails for opted or non opted in lists just give us a call and we can share some tips with you about the platforms we have found work well.
  4. Website Leads – Well it wouldn’t be a good SEO article without a little self pitch right? so here we go.  98% of your website leads will leave your website without ever filling out your contact us form or calling you and that’s a massive problem. Your website should be your lead salesperson! Where do you think those prospects are going? 9 out of 10 times right to your competitors. “Revenue Detective” will identify what companies are on your website, what products and services they are interested in, and much more all in real-time with instant email notifications. Imagine the power of having information like this? Reach out to prospects before your competition does! To learn more about Revenue Detective and how to get more leads you already have but can’t see click here.


Watch a quick video to learn how to uncover hidden leads on your website


Getting more b2b leads isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination, it takes lots of hard work, preparation, and a smidge of patience. However, with the guidance and tools provided above, we hope you take away something new and inciteful to go and get some serious lead generation going.


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