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Call Tracking – Know What Marketing is Driving Inbound Sales Calls

As growing companies, we are continually evaluating our marketing efforts to understand the “Return on Investment.” While everyone’s budget is different, one thing is for sure, we want to know how many leads each campaign produces. Regardless of the type of advertising, such as print, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Banners, social media, paper mailer, you name it we want to know the real value. While we have mechanisms to help track online conversions from these marketing efforts, many of us miss one particularly important avenue of truly understanding the return on investment, “The Phone Call.”

How do you tell how many prospects placed calls instead of filling out an online form?

This is where call tracking comes in.


What is Call Tracking?

In simple terms, call tracking is the ability to trace phone calls back to the person who initiated the call, as well as the relevant advertising channel that prompted the call to your business. Until recent years, it has been almost impossible to determine exactly where your incoming phone calls have originated. The latest call tracking software included in the BBC Consulting Marketing Toolkit can help you determine which of your marketing efforts are successfully producing inbound calls, and which are not.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

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Affordable Call Tracking as a feature of BBC Consulting’s Marketing Toolkit works by assigning unique phone numbers to different advertising sources. When the prospect sees your ad, they call the unique phone number that is then forwarded to your regular business phone (or whatever phone number you would like). BBC Consulting is then able to collect metrics about the call, record and transcribe the call if you would like, notify you by text or email, and many more options.

This concept also extends to tracking online marketing efforts. If you are running the latest version of BBC Consulting’s installation code, you will have the option to configure “Dynamic Number Insertion” (DNI). DNI is a beneficial but straightforward option. It allows us to evaluate the source of the visitor and change the phone number displayed on your website accordingly. A great example of DNI is configuring a tracking phone number for Google Adwords. Once the phone number has been configured, any visitor that clicked on one of your Google Adword Ads will have your unique Google Adwords tracking phone number displayed on your website instead of your regular business number.

Are you wondering what BBC Consulting’s affordable call tracking can do for you?  This informational data will help your sales team work their way through the sales pipeline with an advantage that your competitors might not have. Know more about those inbound calls with BBC Consulting’s Affordable Call Tracking.

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