Who’s on your website?

With all the Marketing tools available today, many companies are still missing the boat when it comes to generating leads from their website. You lose 98% of your web traffic and dont even know who they are and that’s a problem. There are several companies that now offer website visitor tracking software so you can identify who is visiting your website.

3 things to look for with website visitor tracking software


#1 Budget

               When researching companies that offer “Website Visitor Tracking” make sure you understand their charges. Some providers charge based on the number of visitor clicks on your website, if your not getting much website traffic that might be ok, but if you have any decent amount of web traffic the costs will add up very quick and it can get expensive in a hurry.

#2 Data

               There are multiple points of data from each provider, be sure you are getting what you need. If you want potential contact info, make sure that your not just getting company names, but also data with potential contact info included. On a side note in some European countries your provider may not legally be allowed to provide contact info.

#3 Annual Agreements

                Some providers require an annual agreement, 12 months is a long time to go if your extremely confident that the program is a good fit for you. Look for month to month options until you feel confident that the program is a perfect fit.


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